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Veterinary & Concierge Services

Spicewood Vet Clinic has been offering both traditional services one can expect from a full-service pet clinic, as well as our mobile services which we originated this practice from since 2015. Most of our routine services can be scheduled to take place in the comfort of your own home. If it is determined that your pet’s condition requires advanced care that requires a visit to our clinic, we will let you know.

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For more information on these or other services, please call 512-731-3093.

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Wellness Care

Physical examination, heartworm & parasite testing, vaccinations, preventive medications for heartworms and/or fleas. Never underestimate the importance of a complete physical exam. Our veterinarians very commonly find problems that pet owners were completely unaware of.

Pet Dental Care

Oral disease is a major quality of life issue for pets. Many pets are living in constant pain due to oral disease. We perform dental scales/polishes and surgical extractions at our surgery center.

Diagnostic Care

Vomiting/diarrhea, wounds, lacerations, allergies, itchy ears, etc. We are able to provide virtually any service or diagnostic needed.

Emergency & Urgent Care

We are here for times when your pet is sick or injured. One of our veterinarians is on call every day until 9:00pm. If you are in need of Urgent Care, please call us at 512-731-3093.

Hospice Care

Occasionally, we are contacted by owners requesting humane euthanasia and we are able to offer a treatment plan to delay that decision. By visiting the home we are able to look at the pets’ environment and make suggestions on how to best manage their condition. This is often a combination of environmental/lifestyle changes and medications.

In-Home Euthanasia

The decision to let a pet go is one of the most difficult decisions a pet owner will face. Many times owners are unsure if it is the “right time”. By visiting the home we are able to help owners make quality-of-life decisions and provide a peaceful end for the family. We are here to assist during this difficult time. A typical euthanasia appointment is as follows: a consultation/assessment of the pet’s health and quality of life, sedation, and finally euthanasia. Our veterinarians can also transport your beloved for cremation.

Mobile Services

Spicewood Vet Clinic started as a mobile veterinary clinic, and today we still offer the same services!

For more information on these services, be sure to visit our mobile services page for details.

Mobile Services